About LENN

On August 1, 2023, LENN celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. Ready for the future, LENN marked the occasion with a new corporate identity, but a lot has happened over the past years.

Founded in 2008 by Erik Lenstra and Jos Engelbert, LENN started its operations from a workshop in The Hague. When LENN outgrew its space in 2016, the company moved to a larger facility on Delftse Turbineweg. In 2020, the company was poised to start its best season yet, with plans for numerous significant and beautiful projects.

Helping Hand

Then came the COVID-19 crisis. Founder Erik Lenstra remarked, ‘We suddenly came to a standstill. At the most unfortunate moment. We had invested heavily for the upcoming busy year, so our financial buffer was gone. Quick decisions had to be made: forecasting and assessing risks. This quickly led to the conclusion that it was not feasible to continue LENN in a financially healthy way.’

Fortunately, FaberExposize BV extended a helping hand. This company, owned by Eric Verkerk and Mark Faber, provides a comprehensive solution for visual decoration and lacked a specialized department for eventsigning. On August 1, 2020, LENN was officially transferred to FaberExposize.