New corporate identity

The old LENN logo has been given a fresh new look! After 15 years, the ‘block logo’ has been replaced with green colors, making us even more prominent at events. Our buses are wrapped in our new colors, standing out clearly. Additionally, our crew has received new, fresh clothing featuring our new logo.

Ready for the Future

With a new corporate identity, LENN celebrates being ready for the future. The design by Studio Wonder is characteristic of the new path LENN has taken. For the development of the new corporate identity, a visual combination of the name and signing, LENN’s core business, was created. Signing symbolizes framing an object, an existing location, or a temporary structure. The concept of temporarily covering, hanging something over and/or around is literally taken from the letters of the name by Studio Wonder and translated into a visual language. The metaphorical nutshell of the concept is that LENN handles a project from the beginning (the letter L) to the end (the letter N). These letters are translated into a recognizable form that can also be interpreted as a stylistic frame symbolizing signing. The red vertical line in the logo symbolizes the connection with FaberExposize.

With this beautiful change, a new website, of course, could not wait too long. So, welcome to this site!